Goodbye, 2017!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Will and I have been on a road trip from California to Philadelphia this past week. So far, we’ve gotten a flat in Reno, seen mountains in Salt Lake City, ate loose meat sandwiches in Omaha, and hung out with my bff Susan in Chicago! We are currently hanging out with Will’s aunt in Indiana, where it is 1-degree fahrenheit, and we eating food we just made in her new air fryer.

I’m a little bit sad that 2017 is ending – I tied the knot and traveled a lot (yay rhymes); I had a freakin’ epic year. 17 is one of my favorite numbers and I feel like I’m going to remember this past year forever! I think one of the reasons why I’m sad for 2017 is ending is because I’m skeptical 2018 is going to be just as good. Maybe it’s because I know a few things that are up ahead, and it’s just so different from how I started this year, but I am going to stay positive and make the best of 2018!

I’m still contemplating my resolutions and goals for this year, but here is a reflection exercise Susan sent me that I thought was pretty cool. Try it yourself and share your year, too!

The Big Life Events

  • Getting married, woo!
  • Traveling all around Asia for 2.5 months
  • Roadtripping back to Philadelphia

The Highs: What I’m proud of

  • Paying off all my debt – I am now DEBT-FREEEEE!!!!!
  • Job promotion and raises
  • Quitting two jobs that made me feel terrible
  • Starting a new job that gives me location independence
  • Seeing new places and catching up with old friends
  • Seeing one of Blender Brain’s youtube videos reaching 10k views!

The Lows: What didn’t go so well

  • Hitting a curb during our road trip
  • Fighting with my mom

The Wishes: What I wish I did differently

  • I wish I had more confidence in myself in certain situations
  • I wish I had spoken up more when people were being rude or insensitive
  • I wish I had regimented my schedule more so I could’ve accomplished more in my projects

The Worries That Weren’t: What I was worried about that ended up being totally fine

  • Wedding planning
  • Quitting my job
  • Going back to school

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